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COMSAE Disclaimer

You must read and agree to the following before proceeding with the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Self-Assessment Examination (COMSAE).

The COMSAE is a measurement tool for osteopathic students to assess their strengths and weaknesses in osteopathic medical knowledge. It is not intended to predict performance on any of the COMLEX-USA examinations. Although the COMSAE is similar to COMLEX-USA examinations administered by the NBOME in content topics and format and style, and although it may be helpful to you in preparation for a COMLEX-USA examination, the score results of the two examinations may not be comparable.

By accepting these disclaimers, terms, and conditions, and by proceeding with this COMSAE, you AGREE that neither the NBOME nor any of its officers, employees, agents or representatives shall be liable or in any way responsible for any loss or damage caused by any reliance by you or others upon the results of this COMSAE.

This COMSAE may not be compatible with all computers or operating systems. You AGREE that the NBOME shall not be liable or in any way responsible for any loss or damage caused by the COMSAE to any computer, software or other property.

The COMSAE is copyrighted by the NBOME, and all test items presented by this COMSAE are the confidential property of the NBOME. Any reproduction of this COMSAE or any part thereof, by any means, including but not limited to, storage in a retrieval system, transmission, printing, memorization, or distribution, without the prior written authorization of the NBOME, is strictly prohibited.

This COMSAE may only be used by you for your own educational purposes, and it shall not be used for any other purpose or by any other person. You AGREE that you will maintain the confidentiality of this COMSAE and will not share or disclose any test item or other information from this COMSAE with any other person.

Although you may receive the results of this COMSAE immediately upon the completion of this self-assessment examination, you acknowledge and AGREE that the score results of a COMLEX-USA examination may not be available until approximately four to six weeks following the administration of the COMLEX-USA examination.

The NBOME reserves the right to change the disclaimers, terms and conditions of the COMSAE and you AGREE that you will be bound by any addition, modification or amendment of any disclaimer, term or condition of the COMSAE.

By proceeding with this COMSAE, you acknowledge that YOU HAVE READ the foregoing and AGREE to be legally bound by the foregoing disclaimer, terms and conditions.