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2022 Match Season – Important Dates & Resources

You watched the incredible resilience of the Class of 2021 as they navigated a match cycle during the pandemic. Everything they had been told to expect, changed. And now you find yourself in a similar position as the process continues to shift. While your Match season will be fundamentally different, rest assured that the community has come together to provide plenty of resources and support to help you navigate one of the most important transitions of your academic and professional careers.

You have overcome incredible challenges to get here, and we have great resources to help you as you take your next step on The Road to DO Licensure.

2022 Match Timeline


June 2021 | Open for Business

ERAS opened in June, and if you have been approved by your COM to enter the upcoming Match, you can access  MyERAS, and begin working on your applications. Check out the NRMP Intro to Main Residency Match page to learn about what’s new for this upcoming application cycle.

As a reminder, the following key Match dates occurred in June and July:

Military students automatically registered for Army/Navy/Air Force Match


September 2021 | Off to the Races

Keep in mind that you do not need to submit all of your applications on September 1; you have plenty of time to complete and submit your applications. If you’re still researching programs, the AAMC’s Residency Explorer Tool can help you find programs that are a good fit for you.


October 2021 | Putting Yourself Out There

Most residency program interviews will be held between October and December. Some specialties will continue to rely on virtual interviews. Double-check the websites for the programs you have applied to, and see what they have planned for this interview season. And make sure you’re ready to ace your virtual interview with these important tips.


December 2021


January 2022


February 2022 | Ranking Opens

It’s that time – once you’ve registered with the NRMP, you can now submit your Rank Order Lists.


March 2022 | This Is It

*The 2022 SOAP schedule shown below is an estimate; the official schedule has not been posted yet.


May 2022