Enhancing COMLEX-USA


2006 NBOME releases detailed report on seven osteopathic medical competencies, considerations for future testing and the practice of osteopathic medicine
JUN 2009 Blue Ribbon Panel is assembled to study and provide a future design for COMLEX-USA
DEC 2010 Blue Ribbon Panel publishes consensus priorities for enhanced COMLEX-USA
JUN 2011 NBOME adopts Fundamental Osteopathic Medical Competency Domains (FOMCD)
MAR 2012 Blue Ribbon Panel publishes 10 key recommendations and next steps for enhancing COMLEX-USA
MAY 2014 New COMLEX-USA blueprint dimensions and two-decision point, competency-based model released
2016 Updated FOMCD is released
2016 Overview of COMLEX-USA Master Blueprint published
DEC 2016 NBOME adopts new COMLEX-USA eligibility criteria
FEB-MAR 2017 Public comment period on new eligibility criteria
JUL 2017 COMLEX-USA Master Blueprint 2018-2019, effective beginning September 2018, published
JAN-APR 28 2018 Administrations of current one-day Level 3 examination
MAR 15 2018 Last day to register for current one-day Level 3 examination
MAR 16 2018 First day to register for enhanced Level 3 examination in two-day format. Both days of the two-day examination must be completed within a 14-day period
MAR 16 2018 New candidate eligibility requirements go into effect
APR 28 2018 Administration of current one-day Level 3 examinations ends
MAY-AUG 2018 No Level 3 examinations conducted
SEP 10 2018 Administration of enhanced Level 3 examination in two-day format begins
SEP 10-DEC 15 2018 Score release dates for Level 3 examination are anticipated to be longer than usual*
SEP 2018 DEC 2019 Initial enhanced Level 3 examination test cycle (16 months)**
MAR 2019 Enhanced COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE begins
MAY 2019 Enhanced COMLEX-USA Level 1 begins
JUN 2019 Enhanced COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE begins