Test Accommodations

The NBOME provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for candidates taking the COMLEX-USA examinations who provide the required documentation substantiating they are a person with a disability.

Instructions to Request Test Accommodations

Request Accommodation

Submit a request by completing the application form and sending it with the required supporting documentation to NBOME Test Accommodations.

A completed application with full supporting documentation is generally evaluated and a decision rendered by the NBOME within approximately seventy-five (75) days of its receipt by the NBOME; however additional processing time may be required if additional documentation is needed. Candidates are encouraged to submit a completed application packet at least 90 days prior to when they wish to schedule their examination. Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received and cannot be expedited upon request. Application reviews may exceed 75 days during the peak months of January through May. Applicants may be contacted for additional supporting documentation after their initial application packet has been received. The review of an application will not continue until all supporting documentation has been provided to the NBOME Test Accommodations Department. Applicants that do not make a reasonable attempt to provide additional requested documentation will have their applications withdrawn from the review process.

You are able to schedule a standard (non-accommodated) examination while your accommodation application is pending. However, candidates are encouraged to register for their examination, but not schedule an examination date while awaiting a decision. You will have to cancel a previously scheduled (non-accommodated) examination if you are granted any accommodations. Accommodations cannot be attached to a previously scheduled examination date. If you have taken the examination without accommodations before being notified of a decision, the NBOME will report your score as if you had not requested an accommodation and your application for accommodations will be considered withdrawn.

For more details refer to the Bulletin of Information.


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