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COMLEX-USA Percentile Scores

The computer-delivered COMLEX-USA does not report percentile scores at the time test results are released. The tool on this webpage is built for COMLEX-USA score users to convert three-digit scores they received into percentile scores for computer-delivered COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-CE, and Level 3 after the testing of a year-long cycle is completed.

To find the percentile scores, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the COMLEX-USA Percentile Score conversion tool by clicking Here
  2. Enter your three-digit score into the first box,
  3. Select one of the Levels from the pull-down list in the second box,
  4. Select the testing cycle during which the exam was taken from the pull-down list in the third box,
  5. Click the 'CONVERT' button below the selection options.

After you enter the above information, the numbers appearing to the right will be the corresponding 2-digit and percentile scores. Please be aware that the two-digit score was reported to candidates together with the three-digit score at the time the test results were first released.

The percentile score provided by this tool is the percentile rank relative to the first-time takers who took the particular Level in the entire year-long testing cycle. Three-digit score of a different Level or of the same Level but of different testing cycles may be converted into different percentile scores.

Candidates may find their percentile scores are not available in this tool even after they have taken the COMLEX-USA for several months. This is due to the percentile scores being based on all first time-takers for the entire testing cycle. Prior to the cycle being completed, percentile scores cannot be computed. To find the time ranges of testing cycles available, please select the Level from the second box, then open the pull-down list in the third box.

Open the COMLEX-USA Percentile Score Conversion Tool