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                                         OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE

        REQUIRED ELEMENT 6.1                               • exhibit respect and compassion for the patient’s  patients, society, and the profession.
        KNOWLEDGE OF ETHICS AND                             autonomy, dignity, and privacy.
        PROFESSIONALISM                                                                                      MEASURED OUTCOMES
                                                           • exhibit openness, honesty, and trustworthiness with
                                                                                                             The osteopathic physician must:
                                                            patients and their families in the completion of all reports
                                                            and during the provision of evidence in any formal  • take appropriate action to protect patients from risk if the
        The osteopathic physician must demonstrate sufficient
                                                            inquiries, including those related to litigation.  physician has good reason to believe that he/she or a
        knowledge of the behavioral and social sciences that
                                                                                                              colleague may not be fit to practice or when
        provide the foundation for the professionalism competency,
                                                                                                              unprofessional behavior compromises patient care or
        including medical ethics, social accountability, and
                                                                                                              represents a threat to patients or others (eg, impairment,
                                                           REQUIRED ELEMENT 6.3                               substance abuse, incompetence, unethical conduct,
                                                           PRIMACY OF PATIENT NEED                            inappropriate relationships).
        The osteopathic physician must:                                                                      • properly establish the physician-patient relationship by
                                                                                                              examining, diagnosing, and treating, in a consensual
        • articulate moral, legal, and ethical guidelines for  The osteopathic physician must demonstrate     manner and conscientiously maintaining the relationship
         professional behavior.                            responsiveness to the needs of patients and society that  consistent with proper ethical and legal standards.
                                                           supersedes self-interest.
        • explain and apply the ethical principles of autonomy,
         beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity, justice, and utility.
                                                           MEASURED OUTCOMES
        • identify the patient’s social and economic situation,  The osteopathic physician must:             REQUIRED ELEMENT 6.5
         capacity for self-care, and ability to participate in shared
                                                           • use reason and appropriate judgment, and incorporate the  CULTURAL COMPETENCY
         decision making.
                                                            patient’s perspective when taking into consideration risks
        • identify and describe the impact of social inequalities in  to the patient’s health, income, and job security.  DEFINITION
         health care and the social factors that are determinants of                                         The osteopathic physician must demonstrate sensitivity,
                                                           • respect patient autonomy and the right of the patient to be
         health outcomes.                                                                                    respect, and responsiveness to a diverse and
                                                            fully involved in decisions about care.
                                                                                                             heterogeneous patient population, including but not limited
        • comprehend and apply the concepts of social      • respect the right of the patient to personal privacy and  to diversity in culture, religion, age, gender, sexual
         accountability and responsibility.
                                                            dignity during evaluation and management.        orientation, socioeconomic circumstances, mental and
                                                                                                             physical disabilities, and military personnel and their
                                                           REQUIRED ELEMENT 6.4                              MEASURED OUTCOMES
                                                           ACCOUNTABILITY AND DUTY IN THE PHYSICIAN-         The osteopathic physician must:
                                                           PATIENT RELATIONSHIP
        DEFINITION                                                                                           • demonstrate cultural awareness, respect, and
        The osteopathic physician must demonstrate respect,                                                   responsiveness when communicating with the patient,
        altruism, compassion, integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.                                        family, caregivers, and other members of the health care
                                                           The osteopathic physician must properly establish,
                                                           maintain, and conclude the physician-patient relationship in
                                                           accordance with proper ethical and legal standards. The  • discuss cultural issues openly and be responsive to
        The osteopathic physician must:
                                                           osteopathic physician must demonstrate accountability to  culturally based cues, interpreting the implications of  
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