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                                         IN OSTEOPATHIC MEDICAL PRACTICE

        REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.1                               • compare and contrast disease-oriented evidence and  external and internal validity, number needed to treat,
        FUNDAMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGIC CONCEPTS                  patient-oriented evidence in the interpretation of literature.  number needed to harm, sample size) as applied to
                                                                                                              osteopathic medical practice.
                                                           • identify and apply population health data to address health
                                                            care disparities.                                • interpret pretest/posttest probabilities in diagnostic and
        The osteopathic physician must articulate and apply
                                                                                                              screening tests, as applied to osteopathic medical
        fundamental epidemiologic concepts to practice-based
        learning and improvement.
                                                           REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.3
                                                           EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE PRINCIPLES AND
        The osteopathic physician must:
                                                           PRACTICES                                         REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.5
        • interpret features and meanings of different types of data,                                        TRANSLATING EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE AND
         including quantitative and qualitative, and different types  DEFINITION                             CONTINUOUS LEARNING
         of scales (eg, nominal, dichotomous, ordinal, continuous,  The osteopathic physician must learn and apply evidence-
         ratio, proportion).                               based osteopathic medical principles and practices.  DEFINITION
                                                                                                             The osteopathic physician must apply evidence to clinical
        • interpret measures of central tendency, including mode,  MEASURED OUTCOMES                         practice.
         median, and mean, and measures of variability, including
                                                           The osteopathic physician must:
         variance and standard deviation.                                                                    MEASURED OUTCOMES
                                                           • access the best-available/highest level of evidence, in
        • explain and interpret measures of frequency of disease,  order to answer a clinical question with accuracy and  The osteopathic physician must:
         injury, and death in forms of rate, ratio, and proportion,
                                                            maximum efficiency.                              • use information technology, including the internet, to
         including incidence and prevalence.                                                                  optimize learning and to access and manage medical
                                                           • critically appraise the available evidence and its validity,
                                                                                                              information online.
                                                            impact, and applicability.
                                                                                                             • communicate best clinical evidence, including osteopathic
        REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.2                                                                                  principles and practice, to patients and colleagues.
                                                           REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.4
        DEFINITION                                         CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF RESEARCH                 REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.6
        The osteopathic physician must interpret literature regarding  EVIDENCE AND STATISTICAL INFERENCES
                                                                                                             CONTINUOUS EVALUATION, FEEDBACK, AND
        research and clinical topics for use in understanding                                                REFLECTION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF
        disease-oriented and patient-oriented evidence.    DEFINITION                                        OSTEOPATHIC CLINICAL PRACTICE
                                                           The osteopathic physician must determine the clinical
        MEASURED OUTCOMES                                  significance of research evidence.
        The osteopathic physician must:                                                                      The osteopathic physician must identify, describe, and
                                                           MEASURED OUTCOMES
        • conduct, interpret, and apply systematic reviews (eg,  The osteopathic physician must:             apply systematic methods relating to continuous evaluation
         meta-analysis) of literature regarding specific research and                                        of personal osteopathic clinical practice patterns, practice-
         clinical topics with an understanding of limitations, such  • judge and interpret aspects of statistical inference and  based improvements, and the reduction of medical errors.
         as design bias and sources of scientific uncertainty.  hypothesis testing (eg, decision errors, sample size,  The osteopathic physician must do so using information
                                                            power, confidence intervals, degree of freedom, blinding,  about individual patients, populations of patients, or   

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