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                                         IN OSTEOPATHIC MEDICAL PRACTICE


        practice-based learning and improvement is the continuous self-evaluation of osteopathic medical practice, utilizing  REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.1
        evidence-based medicine approaches to develop best practices that will continuously improve patient experiences of  FUNDAMENTAL EPIDEMIOLOGIC CONCEPTS
        care, reduce inefficiencies and redundancies, and result in optimal and equitable patient care outcomes.
                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.2
        osteopathic physicians must assimilate and apply evidence-based medicine principles and practices, fundamental
                                                                                                             CLINICAL DECISION-MAKING TOOLS
        biostatistical and epidemiologic concepts, clinical decision-making skills, and methods to evaluate relevance and validity
        of established and evolving scientific evidence. osteopathic physicians must also appraise the clinical significance of
                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.3
        research evidence.
                                                                                                             EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE PRINCIPLES AND
        osteopathic physicians must demonstrate the use of best medical evidence, practical strategies for integrating evidence-  PRACTICES
        based principles and practices into patient care, and systematic methods relating to continuous self-evaluation of clinical
        practice patterns and practice-based improvements, including those that reduce medical errors and promote health.  REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.4
        osteopathic physicians must set learning and quality improvement goals and must incorporate feedback and reflection  CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF RESEARCH EVIDENCE AND
        into daily practice.                                                                                 STATISTICAL INFERENCES

                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.5
                                                                                                             TRANSLATING EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE AND
                                                                                                             CONTINUOUS LEARNING

                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 4.6
                                                                                                             CONTINUOUS EVALUATION, FEEDBACK, AND
                                                                                                             REFLECTION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF
                                                                                                             OSTEOPATHIC CLINICAL PRACTICE

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