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                                         FOR OSTEOPATHIC MEDICAL PRACTICE


        osteopathic physicians must demonstrate the understanding and application of established and evolving principles of  REQUIRED ELEMENT 3.1
        foundational biomedical and clinical sciences integral to the practice of patient-centered osteopathic medical care.   FOUNDATIONAL BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES KNOWLEDGE
        as with the other competency domains, application of knowledge is about ability (ie, knowledge put into action).  BASE
        Cognitive and other learning science theorists explain that the acquisition of declarative knowledge in biomedical and
        clinical sciences, the conscious knowledge that something is the case, progressively transforms into procedural  REQUIRED ELEMENT 3.2
        knowledge (knowing how to do something). This gradual transformation leads the osteopathic physician to develop a  CLINICAL SCIENCES KNOWLEDGE BASE
        problem and task-specific knowledge base that is integrated across individual disciplines. it is this knowledge base that
        provides a foundation for competent patient-centered osteopathic medical care. an osteopathic physician with a fluent  REQUIRED ELEMENT 3.3
        knowledge base in foundational biomedical and clinical sciences, for example, would be able to explain principles of  CONTINUOUS KNOWLEDGE-BASE DEVELOPMENT AND
        health, disease, and diagnostic and treatment options to patients. included in this knowledge base is the articulation of  LIFELONG LEARNING
        core scientific and clinical practice principles relevant to osteopathic medical practice (eg, health and the body’s innate
        capacity to heal, differential diagnoses, disease etiologies, indications and contraindications, assessment of the risks and
        benefits of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions).
        Knowledge fluency is fundamental to a generalist osteopathic physician’s competency to practice osteopathic medicine.
        Knowledge fluency is demonstrated by the ability to efficiently interpret, process, and skillfully apply principles of
        foundational biomedical and clinical sciences in a timely manner. also important to an osteopathic physician’s knowledge
        competency is the ability to formulate appropriate clinical questions, retrieve evidence to inform patient care, acquire
        additional and evolving knowledge for lifelong learning, and apply this knowledge for continuous practice improvement.
        demonstration of the understanding and application of core knowledge is fundamental to the incorporation of new
        knowledge. Continuous quality improvement, however, is primarily addressed in the practice-based learning and
        improvement domain (domain 4).
        as osteopathic medical knowledge provides the foundation for many physician competency domains, considerable
        overlap exists between this competency domain and the other six. Testing concepts are mapped here when the primary
        component being assessed is application of knowledge (eg, the knowledge of the scientific understanding of
        mechanisms of action; molecular and macro systems including biomolecules, molecules, cells, and organs; origins of
        disease processes; why certain diagnostic tests and treatments are used).

        The principles that underlie the human condition, including its biologic complexity, genetic diversity, homeostatic
        mechanisms, structure-function interrelationships, development, and interactions of systems and environmental
        influences, guide the osteopathic physician in the understanding of health and the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
        While these foundational principles often cross biomedical science and clinical disciplines in the practice of osteopathic
        medicine, they are mapped here for primary characterization.

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