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                                         PROCEDURAL SKILLS


        osteopathic physicians must provide osteopathic medical care that is patient centered, compassionate, safe, effective,  REQUIRED ELEMENT 2.1
        evidence based, timely, efficient, and equitable in order to promote health and the body’s self-regulatory and self-healing  DATA GATHERING
        nature, in both the care of the patient and the care of communities and populations.
                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 2.2
        osteopathic physicians must provide these elements of effective osteopathic patient care, as appropriate to their scope
                                                                                                             DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS
        of practice, to patients in a broad range of diverse and special populations in varied clinical settings, including outpatient,
        inpatient and home care settings, across the lifecycle.
                                                                                                             REQUIRED ELEMENT 2.3
        This patient care involves determining and monitoring the nature of the patient’s concern or complaint; appropriately  ESSENTIAL CLINICAL PROCEDURES
        incorporating osteopathic principles, practice, and omT; and implementing effective, equitable, timely, evidence based,
        and mutually agreed-upon diagnostic and patient care plans, including appropriate patient education and follow-up. This  REQUIRED ELEMENT 2.4
        includes performing all other diagnostic and therapeutic clinical procedures essential for the area of practice. in the  PATIENT CARE MANAGEMENT
        delivery of the highest-quality patient care, promotion of wellness, and prevention of disease, osteopathic physicians
        must be able to serve appropriately as members or leaders of interprofessional health care teams and foster effective  REQUIRED ELEMENT 2.5
        communication with and between other professionals. interprofessional team outcomes will be mapped primarily to the  PATIENT EDUCATION
        systems-based practice domain (domain 7).

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