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                                         PRACTICE, AND MANIPULATIVE TREATMENT

        REQUIRED ELEMENT 1.3                               • integrate scientific knowledge supporting the use of
        INTEGRATION OF OSTEOPATHIC PRINCIPLES,              osteopathic principles, practice, and OMT into the clinical
        PRACTICE, AND OMT INTO CARE                         evaluation and management of the patient.

        The osteopathic physician must demonstrate sufficient
        depth of knowledge and skills to recognize, diagnose, and
        treat patients who have somatic dysfunctions using OMT in
        the clinical setting.
        The osteopathic physician must:
        • apply osteopathic principles and practice in health and
         disease, with particular emphasis on optimizing
         homeostasis and maximizing the patient’s comfort and
         health, to resolve complaints and concerns with which
         patients commonly present.
        • advocate for the administration of OMT in appropriate
         clinical settings.
        • identify viscerosomatic relationships and the role of the
         musculoskeletal system in the patient presentation by
         performing an osteopathic structural examination.
        • demonstrate respect to patients of heterogeneous and
         diverse populations, including but not limited to diversity
         in ethnicity, culture, gender identity and/or sexual
         orientation, and religious beliefs, who may express the
         symptoms of their somatic and/or visceral dysfunctions in
         unique or unconventional ways.
        • document diagnostic information to allow for appropriate
         coding for evaluation and management services and OMT.
        • determine the limits of his/her knowledge and clinical skills
         and seek an appropriate referral in regard to the use of
         OMT or the application of osteopathic principles and
        • report and interpret epidemiologic data in patients with
         musculoskeletal dysfunction.

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