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                    ComLeX-Usa oVerVieW and BLUePrinT
                    The COMLEX-USA examination series is designed to assess the osteopathic medical knowledge,
                    knowledge fluency, and clinical skills considered essential for osteopathic generalist physicians to
                    practice osteopathic medicine. The foundation of COMLEX-USA is based on the osteopathic
                    philosophy of whole-person health care, underlying structure-function relationships and the
                    interdependence of body systems, self-healing and self-regulatory mechanisms, and the full
                    scope of the osteopathic approach to patient care, including osteopathic manipulative medicine.

                    The COMLEX-USA program is an examination sequence with three levels. This progressive
                    nature of the COMLEX-USA examinations ensures the consistency and continuity of the
                    measurement objectives of the osteopathic medical licensing examinations. A description of the
                    examination blueprints is below, and descriptions of each examination component of the series,
                    including what constitutes a passing score, follows.

                    COMLEX-USA examinations are administered only in the English language.

                    Each COMLEX-USA examination is administered in a standardized, time-measured environment,
                    as the ability to recall, interpret, process, and apply clinical knowledge and skills without
                    hesitation and in a fluid manner (“knowledge fluency”) is fundamental to a generalist osteopathic
                    physician's competence to practice osteopathic medicine and therefore is one of the fundamental
                    competencies and skills the COMLEX-USA examinations assess.

                    The Blueprint contains two dimensions: "Dimension 1" outlines the patient presentation, and
                    "Dimension 2" outlines the physician task. While all examination Levels have the same two-
                    dimensional blueprint structure, the depth and emphasis of each Level parallels the educational
                    experiences and the clinical responsibilities of the candidate.

                    For case selection, the Level 2-PE applies the Dimension 1 categories from the COMLEX-USA
                    blueprint. The content (case selection) of Level 2-PE is defined on the website.

                    The Patient Presentation (“Dimension 1”) of the COMLEX-USA examination blueprint identifies
                    high-frequency and/or high-impact health and disease issues that osteopathic generalist
                    physicians encounter in clinical practice.

                    The Physician Task (“Dimension 2”) specifies the major physician tasks and competency sets that
                    osteopathic physicians generally employ to solve clinical problems and assist in providing patient
                    care. Major categories of the two dimensions can be found on the website.


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