Page 34 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
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                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS
                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             SETTING THE      Consistent with many other national high-stakes examinations for physician licensure worldwide, the
             MINIMUM          NBOME follows industry standard best practices in determining minimum Pass/Fail standards for its
             PASS/FAIL        COMLEX-USA examinations, for periodic review, and, if needed, resetting current standards. Every
             STANDARD         three to four years, the NBOME reviews the standards for minimum competency required to pass
                              COMLEX-USA examinations. This process, referred to as “standard setting,” may result in a change
                              in the “cut score” (or scores) needed to pass an examination. The NBOME reserves the right to
                              review the minimum passing standards for any NBOME examination at any time, and minimum
                              passing standards may be adjusted without notice before score reporting. Notice of adjustments is
                              posted on the NBOME website. To learn more about the NBOME’s process for standard setting, see
                              Passing Standards section of the NBOME website.

             PRIMARY          The primary intended use of COMLEX-USA is for initial licensure of osteopathic physicians for the
             INTENDED USE     practice of osteopathic medicine. Recognized and important secondary uses of the COMLEX-USA
             AND SECONDARY    examination program include the following: advancement and promotion, including graduation, of
             USES OF          students in osteopathic medical schools; direct evidence of student learning and outcomes research
             COMLEX-USA       by osteopathic medical schools and of residents in graduate medical education programs; uses by
                              residency program directors as part of eligibility criteria for entry into graduate medical education
                              programs; and advancement and promotion, including program completion of residents in graduate
                              medical education programs. NBOME advises against the use of any evaluation instrument for which
                              there is insufficient validity evidence.

             SCORE            Candidates will be notified by email when their scores have been released.
                              Candidates may access their Pass/Fail status and/or scores for any COMLEX-USA examination
                              through the Client Registration System on the NBOME website (Account Access Login can be found
                              at the top right corner of the home page). The Office of the Dean at a candidate’s college of
                              osteopathic medicine may access this information for their students using a secure school page of
                              the Client Registration System.
                              The NBOME will provide the COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-CE, and Level 2-PE examination Score
                              Reports to the candidate and Office of the Dean of the candidate’s school. The NBOME will provide
                              the COMLEX-USA Level 3 examination Score Reports to the candidate and the Office of the Dean of
                              the candidate’s school of graduation, and score reports will be released to the Program Director,
                              Director of Medical Education, or Designated Institutional Official of the candidate’s graduate medical
                              education program. Candidates agree that their Score Reports may be provided to third parties as
                              provided in the BOI.
                              No COMLEX-USA scores will be reported by telephone, email, or fax.
                              For candidates tested before July 1, 2012, a reprint of the Score Report may be requested in writing
                              (including email), along with a fee as determined by the NBOME. Refer to the NBOME website for
                              information on Non-Examination Related Fees.


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