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                    The number of test items answered correctly (the raw score) is converted to a 3-digit standard
                    score for the purposes of making NBOME’s Pass/Fail decisions and for reporting the results.

                    The conversion for standard scores involves information about the performance of examinees
                    that have taken these examinations previously:

                    PASSING SCORES:
                       • COMLEX-USA Level 1:     400
                       • COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE: 400

                       • COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE: Pass
                       • COMLEX-USA Level 3:     350

                    For information on converting a COMLEX-USA score to a percentile score and using the
                    COMLEX-USA Percentile Score Conversion Tool, refer to the NBOME website COMLEX-USA
                    Percentile Scores.

                    For state medical and osteopathic medical licensing board purposes, a passing score on
                    COMLEX-USA is equivalent to the historic 2-digit standard score of 75.

                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS
                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             SCORING          The percentage of candidates that pass or fail a COMLEX-USA examination is not predetermined.
                              The Pass/Fail standard is criterion-based. A candidate’s score for any COMLEX-USA examination is
                              based solely on a candidate’s performance on the total examination, not on performance on
                              individual content areas. The COMLEX-USA examination Score Reports include performance profiles
                              summarizing relative strengths and weaknesses for areas designated on the blueprint.

                              Items that may be included in the examination solely for research or pre-testing purposes will not be
                              included in the candidate’s score.

                                                                        For COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE, details about
                                                                        examination scoring are available in the
                                                                        Orientation Guide and at COMLEX USA Level 2-
                              (Intentionally Left Blank)
                                                                        PE Pre-examination and Post- examination FAQ,
                                                                        which can be found on the NBOME website.
                                                                        Level 2-PE is a conjunctive Pass or Fail criterion-
                                                                        based examination.


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