Page 30 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 30


                    investigation of such conduct or any complaint in connection with the administration of a
                    COMLEX-USA examination, an investigation of any actual or suspected Irregular Conduct
                    may delay the release of any score of a candidate. NBOME will not release a score, if any,
                    while the matter is under investigation. If a score release is expected to be significantly
                    delayed because of an investigation for reasons of alleged Irregular Conduct, NBOME will
                    notify the candidate and give the reasons for the investigation.

                    Information relating to any Irregular Conduct or behavior of a candidate and any action taken
                    by NBOME in response to a candidate’s Irregular Conduct or behavior may become part of
                    the permanent record of the candidate maintained by NBOME and available to third parties.
                    Every candidate authorizes NBOME to release any or all of the candidate’s personal
                    statement or other information provided by the candidate and any action taken by NBOME
                    relating to the candidate’s actual or alleged Irregular Conduct or behavior to the candidate’s
                    medical school, residency program director, any licensing board, authority, or other person(s)
                    or entity or entities deemed appropriate by NBOME or required by law, without prior notice to
                    or the consent of the candidate.

                    oTher UnProFessionaL CondUCT
                    NBOME deems professionalism to be an important competency of an osteopathic physician,
                    and a candidate must demonstrate professionalism at all times. NBOME will not tolerate
                    unprofessional conduct on the part of any candidate under any circumstance, including but
                    not limited to the following:
                         • Use of foul, lewd, improper, or culturally insensitive statements in the comment dialog
                           box provided on the computer-based examinations, in the e-SOAP note portion of the
                           clinical skills examination, or on the post-examination surveys.

                         • Use of foul, lewd, improper, or culturally insensitive language in or near a test site.
                         • Use of foul, lewd, improper, or culturally insensitive language, actions, or behavior
                           when addressing the NBOME, an agent or employee of NBOME or Prometric, in
                           person, by telephone, by email, or by written contact.

                         • Any conduct or behavior deemed by the NBOME to be inappropriate or unprofessional
                           for an osteopathic physician.

                         • Violation by the candidate of any of the Terms and Conditions as set out in NBOME’s
                           BOI that was in effect when the violation occurred.

                    When any unprofessional conduct comes to the attention of NBOME, NBOME at its sole
                    discretion may take any action it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, any action
                    for Irregular Conduct and/or any of the following:
                         • Record the name of the candidate, nature of the behavior or conduct, and the time and
                           conditions under which the behavior or conduct occurred.


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