Page 29 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 29


                    note: Candidates are under both proctor and electronic surveillance during administration of
                    the COMLEX-USA examinations at all test centers.

                    Any test center professional staff, or other Prometric staff, who suspects Irregular Conduct by
                    a candidate during administration of the COMLEX-USA examinations will report that
                    information to the NBOME. Also, candidates who directly observe Irregular Conduct must
                    report such activity to the Prometric or NBOME test center professional staff.

                    NBOME reviews all Irregular Conduct reports and may pursue any and all actions it deems
                    appropriate for or in connection with any Irregular Conduct, including but not limited to any
                    damages or losses incurred by NBOME, including its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs,
                    caused by the candidate’s Irregular Conduct, and injunctive or other equitable relief without
                    bond or other security.

                    Copying, reproducing, verbally discussing, relaying, or recording test items or test content, in
                    addition to violating security, may result in action by NBOME against the candidate for
                    violation of copyright laws and/or other action by NBOME allowed by law.

                    Prior to taking the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE examination, candidates must sign a Candidate
                    Agreement, which includes confidentiality obligations, and may be provided with further
                    examples of Irregular Conduct during the orientation. Behavior that may violate NBOME
                    policy or provide an advantage to one candidate over others may result in disqualification
                    from scoring (ie, minimum note score).

                    A candidate who is notified that he or she has, or is believed to have been, engaged in
                    Irregular Conduct, or is being investigated for alleged Irregular Conduct, will have 10 calendar
                    days from the date of such notification to submit in writing, including email, and be received
                    by the NBOME, a personal statement signed by the candidate of his or her position on the
                    claimed or possible Irregular Conduct, and any and all information known or available to the
                    candidate that he or she believes is relevant to the matter. After receipt of the candidate’s
                    statement and any information, or the lapse of the 10-day response period, whichever is
                    earlier, NBOME will determine whether the candidate has engaged in Irregular Conduct and, if
                    so, what action NBOME will take. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the NBOME may in its sole
                    discretion take any action it deems appropriate prior to the submittal of any statement by the
                    candidate to protect NBOME and the integrity of its examinations.

                    Decisions regarding Irregular Conduct are determined solely at the discretion of NBOME and
                    all such decisions of NBOME are final.

                    Due to the nature of the process involved in reports of Irregular Conduct of a candidate or

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