Page 28 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 28


                         • Communication or attempts to communicate with others during the examination other
                           than authorized test center professional staff.
                         • Removal of or attempts to remove any test material, scrap paper, or white board from
                           the assigned test area.
                         • Damage to property.

                         • Non-compliance with test center rules and regulations and security requirements,
                           including operating test center equipment without reasonable care.

                         • Providing or receiving unauthorized information about the content of an examination.
                         • Communication or attempts to communicate about the content, format, or specific
                           test items with another candidate or with any outside source or party (including use of
                           telephones, personal computers, internet access, test review companies, or any other
                           means) at any time, either before, during, or after any examination.
                         • Using or having available or access to any unauthorized device, text, notes, or other
                           material that could assist the candidate in taking the examination
                         • Providing false admittance information or altering applications, score reports,
                           transcripts, or certificates.
                         • Providing false or forged identification upon presentation for testing at a test center.

                         • Misrepresentation of physical examination or treatment maneuvers performed or
                           history taken during a standardized patient encounter in the e-SOAP note or other
                           documentation required for the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE examination. With the
                           exception of vital signs provided by NBOME, under no other circumstances should a
                           candidate document the results of physical examination or treatment maneuvers that
                           were not performed or medical history that was not elicited during the clinical

                         • Verbally or physically harming or threatening to harm the test center professional staff,
                           other examinees, test center employees, NBOME personnel, or their agents, including
                           telephone encounters regarding scheduling, scores, or score reporting.
                         • Violation of the NBOME’s non-disclosure or confidentiality policies or the candidate’s
                           non-disclosure agreement at any time.
                         • Any violation of the Terms and Conditions, policies, rules, procedures, or obligations of
                           candidates set out in the BOI as published at the time of the violation.
                         • Bringing personal property into the test area is considered by the NBOME to violate
                           the security of the examination.
                         • Leaving his or her assigned test area during the administration of any COMLEX-USA
                         • “Unprofessional Conduct” as described below.

                         • Other behavior as deemed by the NBOME to be unethical or unprofessional.


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