Page 22 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
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                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS
                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             COMPUTER         A malfunction occurring during administration of an examination will be presumed to have
             PROGRAM          compromised the completeness, integrity, or security of the examination if the malfunction lasts
             MALFUNCTION      longer than 60 minutes or if, in the opinion of the NBOME, otherwise significantly alters the content or
                              construct specifications for the examination.
                              If the NBOME in its sole discretion determines that the completeness, integrity, or security of the
                              candidate’s examination was not adversely affected by a malfunction, the examination will be scored
                              and reported the same as if the malfunction had not occurred.

             INTERRUPTION     Unanticipated circumstances may arise including, but not limited to, fire alarm, evacuation, weather
             OF EXAMINATION   emergency, power failure, software failure, equipment failure, and forced evacuation, which may
                              require a test center to close immediately before or during administration of an examination. If the test
                              center professional staff stops all testing, the candidates must stop further work on the examination.

                              Candidates must obey all test center professional staff instructions and test center placards for the
                              safety of all affected by the emergency. Depending on the time required to restore a safe testing
                              environment, the test center professional staff will determine whether or not to resume testing from
                              the point when the examination was stopped if the examination interruption will still permit the
                              examination to be administered in its entirety.

                              A candidate:
                                 1. Must promptly report any interruption of the examination to the test center staff on the day of
                                   the examination.

                                 2. Must directly provide to the NBOME, via email to, or letter to
                                   NBOME, 8765 W. Higgins Road, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60631, credible and verifiable written
                                   evidence of the interruption within 10 calendar days following the date of the examination. See
                                   also “Required Notifications of Adverse Conditions.”
                              If the examination is interrupted for a period of time that will not permit the examination to be
                              administered in its entirety, or the examination is canceled for emergency or safety purposes, any
                              portion of the examination to the extent completed may be voided and not reported.

                              If an interruption occurs after the morning test session has been completed, and the examination
                              cannot be resumed or there is insufficient time to permit the afternoon session to be administered in its
                              entirety, the candidate will be required to schedule a new appointment to take the examination in its
                              entirety. All responses to the extent the examination is completed will be voided and not reported.

             TEST CONTENT     Candidates are encouraged to report to the NBOME any comments regarding examination content in
             COMMENTS         the item notes fields that are available during the examination, or as provided in the post-examination
                              surveys. These comments are reviewed by NBOME staff on a regular basis.


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