Page 19 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
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                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS

                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             ARRIVAL          Candidates must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled test administration.

             IDENTIFICATION   Candidates must bring one piece of identification, which must be a valid government-issued photo ID
                              with signature, such as a current driver’s license, military ID, or passport.
                              A candidate whose name is changed by marriage or for some other reason must notify the NBOME at
                              least five business days in advance of testing if he or she is to be tested under the new name. Any
                              candidate presenting an ID that does not match the name in the NBOME Client Registration System
                              will not be permitted to take the examination and will be considered a “No Show” for all purposes.

                              As part of the candidate’s identification processing, the driver’s license, military ID, or passport will be
                              scanned in order to retain scanned information by the NBOME. All candidates will be digitally
                              photographed and biometrically scanned (by fingerprint) as part of the registration process. This
                              identification will be required to enter and exit the test center.

             ATTIRE           Candidates should dress comfortably as the  Candidates should be professionally dressed,
                              examination may take the full day.        including a white lab coat, and are required to
                                                                        provide their own standard stethoscope.

             LATE ARRIVAL     Any candidate who arrives at the designated test  A candidate arriving late who misses the full
                              center up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start  orientation or any part thereof will not be allowed
                              time and requests to take the examination will be  to take the examination unless the candidate
                              permitted to do so, but only if the test center is  acknowledges in writing that he or she missed all
                              able to deliver the examination in its entirety.  or any part of the orientation and confirms that he
                                                                        or she waives any and all claims, demands,
                              Any candidate who arrives later than 30 minutes
                                                                        liabilities, or obligations of the NBOME arising out
                              past the scheduled start time and is not
                                                                        of or relating to the taking of the examination,
                              permitted to take the examination shall be
                                                                        including but not limited to matters covered
                              considered a “No Show” unless the test center is
                                                                        during the orientation session. In no instance will
                              able to deliver the examination in its entirety.
                                                                        the candidate be permitted to begin his or her
                                                                        examination after the first clinical encounter
                                                                        Any candidate arriving late and missing any part
                                                                        of the first encounter will be considered a “No
                                                                        Show” and will not be allowed to take that
                                                                        examination. The candidate must reschedule to
                                                                        take the examination and pay all required fees.


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