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While the COMLEX-USA examination series is intended for licensure of osteopathic physicians, the NBOME recognizes there are a number of secondary uses, including use by Residency Program Directors to help in assessing applicants. The NBOME is therefore committed to fostering greater understanding of COMLEX-USA scores among all Residency Program Directors.

We encourage program heads and others who may be called upon to make judgments about osteopathic medical students, to take the time to understand COMLEX-USA, what it measures, how its standards are set and what COMLEX-USA scores mean. The information below should be helpful in that regard.

If you need information that is not contained here, please contact us through our Client Services Department by calling (866) 479-6828 or via email. Client Services Representatives are available 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday, except NBOME holidays. Voicemail is available at all other times.

National Resident Matching ProgramNew! The 2016 NRMP Program Director Survey reports 77% of ACGME-accredited residency program respondents use COMLEX-USA for DO applicants. And check out the first-ever Charting Outcomes in the Match edition reporting the link of COMLEX-USA scores with NRMP Match success!

General Information

COMLEX-USA Brochure for Residency Program Directors
The NBOME has prepared a brochure covering the essentials that Residency Program Directors should know about COMLEX-USA, including information on converting a three-digit score to a percentile, as well as research on the correlation between COMLEX-USA scores and performance in residency.

Click here for the brochure, "What Residency Program Directors Should Know About COMLEX-USA."

COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation and Level 3
Computer-based Cognitive Examinations

COMLEX-USA Level 2-Performance Evaluation
Clinical Skills Examination

Research and Resources on Standard Setting

Why COMLEX-USA is the most appropriate assessment for osteopathic medical students

COMLEX-USA Master-Blueprint 2018-2019

Fundamental Osteopathic Medical Competency Domains

COMLEX-USA Research Summary

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NBOME Annual Report

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