Page 32 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 32


                    discussion of, or review by candidates, or any person on behalf of the candidates, of the
                    examination or examination material is strictly prohibited.

                    Any discussion or disclosure of any aspect of the test items or the clinical cases or
                    standardized patients either during the examination or after the examination is strictly
                    prohibited. Candidates shall not discuss, disclose, paraphrase, publish, or otherwise make
                    known to anyone, including another professional student, any test item, or information relating
                    to any NBOME examination or other confidential property belonging to NBOME. Any violation
                    by a candidate of this confidentiality agreement will be considered Irregular Conduct and be
                    dealt with as prescribed in “Irregular Conduct” and/or as otherwise determined by NBOME.
                    NBOME shall also be entitled to recover from the candidate all its damages and losses,
                    including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, caused by any Irregular Conduct of the
                    candidate. Every candidate also agrees and acknowledges that NBOME may have no
                    adequate remedy at law and in its sole discretion is entitled to injunctive and/or other relief to
                    prevent or limit any disclosure of test items or other confidential property of NBOME, in
                    addition to its damages or losses, including its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred
                    by NBOME as a result of any action taken to defend or protect its confidential property. See
                    also Terms and Conditions.

                    reFUsaL To adminisTer eXaminaTion
                    NBOME may in its sole and absolute discretion refuse to administer or provide any of its
                    examinations to any person, with or without cause. If NBOME determines not to provide its
                    examination to any person who has registered or scheduled to take a NBOME examination
                    and paid a registration or other fee to NBOME, the only recourse that person shall have
                    against NBOME is a refund of the registration or other fee paid to NBOME by the candidate.


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