Page 31 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 31


                         • Notate the candidate’s record to reflect the unprofessional conduct.

                         • Record and store conversations or other documentation that are considered to be

                         • Record the punitive action, if any, taken against a candidate, including, but not limited
                           to, a period of suspension or denial of testing by NBOME.

                         • Void and/or not score any examination taken by the candidate, deem the candidate to
                           have failed the examination, report “Fail” as the result of the examination, and annotate
                           the candidate’s Score Report and/or transcript for the examination with an “I” as
                           Irregular Conduct.
                         • Notification to the Office of the Dean of the college of osteopathic medicine and/or the
                           director for medical education of the graduate medical education program where the
                           candidate is matriculated or enrolled.

                    As with other Irregular Conduct, information relating to a candidate’s unprofessional conduct
                    may become part of the permanent record of the candidate maintained by NBOME. NBOME
                    may in its sole discretion release any or all of the candidate’s information or action(s) taken by
                    NBOME relating to the candidate’s Irregular Conduct or unprofessional conduct to the
                    candidate’s medical school, residency program director, any licensing board, authority, or
                    other person(s) or entity or entities deemed appropriate by NBOME or as required by law,
                    without prior notice to or the consent of the candidate.

                    seCUriTy and ConFidenTiaLiTy
                    All examinations, examination materials, answer sheets, grading materials, and clinical
                    materials used in the COMLEX-USA examinations or other examinations of NBOME are the
                    sole and exclusive property of the NBOME. All examinations of NBOME are protected by the
                    copyright laws of the United States. Candidates have no right, title, or interest in or access to
                    any examination of the NBOME, or to NBOME’s means and methods for test development or
                    its methodology of testing and scoring, or to any data or information relating to any
                    examination of NBOME. All rights are reserved by NBOME. Only authorized test center
                    professional staff or other authorized agents or employees of NBOME shall have custody or
                    control of the examination and the examination materials.

                    NBOME is not affiliated with, does not sanction, and does not endorse any commercial
                    enterprise that purportedly offers COMLEX-USA test preparation courses or materials. For
                    self-assessment purposes, NBOME publishes and makes available to candidates its
                    COMSAE practice examinations, tutorials, and sample COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE encounters.

                    Candidates may have access to the examination only while it is being administered and only
                    under the supervision of authorized test center professional staff. Post-examination access to,


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