Page 27 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 27


                              Condition does not qualify as written notification. See “Required Notifications of
                              Adverse Testing Conditions.”

                    irregULar CondUCT
                    If the NBOME determines in its sole discretion that a candidate committed or contributed
                    to any Irregular Conduct in connection with the application, registration or taking of an
                    examination, the NBOME may in its sole discretion take one or more of the following actions:
                         • Void the candidate’s examination and score and/or not score any examination.
                         • Deem the candidate to have failed the examination and enter a “Fail” score on the
                           candidate’s Score Report and transcript.
                         • Annotate the candidate’s Score Report and transcript for the examination as “Irregular
                         • Suspend, revoke, or refuse to provide any Score Report or transcript to a candidate or
                           any third party.
                         • Deny any application by the candidate to take any NBOME examination.

                         • Report the incident to the candidate’s school or graduate medical education program
                           and/or to any licensure board or state or national jurisdiction, agency, or authority.

                         • And/or take any other action the NBOME in its sole discretion deems appropriate.

                    The candidate shall fully cooperate with any NBOME investigation of any possible
                    irregularities in test administration, candidate behavior, breach of test security, or confidentiality.
                    Failure to fully cooperate can result in sanctions, including examination failure, notation of
                    irregular conduct, suspension of eligibility, or permanent loss of eligibility to challenge a future
                    COMLEX-USA examination.

                    The term “Irregular Conduct” includes any behavior on the part of any candidate that
                    violates the integrity or security of the examination, behavior that is disruptive to
                    administration of the examination, or behavior deemed by the NBOME in its sole
                    discretion to be inappropriate in connection with the application, registration, taking,
                    administration, integrity, and security of any NBOME examination. Such behavior includes
                    but is not limited to:
                         • Copying, fraud, deceit, or other dishonest conduct.

                         • Refusal to provide proper ID or permit photo documentation or other identification for
                           ID verification at any time.

                         • Disrupting another candidate or candidates.
                         • Verbal or physical harassment of any employee or representative of the NBOME or
                           Prometric, at any time (ie, before, during, or after any examination).


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