Page 25 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 25


                    If the candidate fails to so notify both the test center staff and the NBOME of any claimed
                    Adverse Testing Condition, the candidate thereby waives any claim or right to any recourse he
                    or she has against the NBOME; Prometric; or their employees, agents, or representatives
                    arising out or relating to that claimed Adverse Testing Condition.

                    adVerse TesTing CondiTions
                    The following policies apply in the event any Adverse Testing Condition (eg, unreasonable and
                    substantially distracting noise or other activity) occurs or is alleged to occur during the
                    administration of any COMLEX-USA examination:

                    If Adverse Testing Conditions at a test center are universally adverse to all or most
                    candidates, as determined by the NBOME in its sole discretion, the NBOME may offer to all
                    candidates so affected an option to reschedule the examination for the next available test
                    date without the candidate incurring any additional fee. For any rescheduling thereafter, the
                    candidate will be responsible for the associated fees. If the NBOME is unable to reschedule
                    the examinations when this option is offered, then it is the responsibility of the candidate to
                    make the new test appointment for the next available test date.

                    If the test center is closed because of an Adverse Testing Condition (except inclement
                    weather, other force majeure, or emergency evacuation as noted above), the candidate may
                    be eligible for reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses from the NBOME. The candidate
                    must apply to the NBOME for a refund in writing including email, within 30 days following the
                    event, and must provide appropriate receipts and any additional information requested by the
                    NBOME to be considered for any reimbursement for such expenses.

                    If during an examination a candidate brings to the attention of the test center professional
                    staff any testing condition (eg, program malfunction, interruption of examination, Adverse
                    Testing Condition) that he or she believes has or will substantially and adversely affect his or
                    her performance on the examination, and the condition is not resolved to the satisfaction of
                    the candidate at the test site, the candidate may either:

                         Continue examination. After notifying the test center professional staff, the candidate
                         may elect to continue with the examination. In such a case, the following shall apply:

                              If the test center staff verifies to the satisfaction of the NBOME that the condition
                              complained of is an Adverse Testing Condition that did exist and the NBOME
                              determines that it likely would have substantially and adversely affected the
                              candidate’s performance of the examination, the candidate may reschedule the
                              examination for the next available date and will not be assessed any additional fee.
                              The examination to the extent completed, will be voided and not reported. See also

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