Page 21 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
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                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS
                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             LEAVING TEST     If a candidate leaves his or her assigned testing  A candidate will not be allowed to leave the
             AREA             area during administration of these COMLEX-  clinical skills test center (including the suite with
                              USA examinations without permission, the  examination rooms, e-SOAP note desks, break
                              NBOME may in its sole discretion determine  room, and restrooms) during administration of the
                              whether irregular conduct occurred. If the  examination unless permitted or required to do
                              NBOME determines that irregular conduct   so by the NBOME.
                              occurred, the examination may be voided and not
                                                                        If a candidate leaves the assigned testing area
                              scored, and the candidate may face other action,
                                                                        without permission during administration of the
                              as determined by the NBOME, and such conduct
                                                                        COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE examination, a failing
                              will be noted on the candidate’s score report and
                                                                        score and a note citing unprofessional or irregular
                              transcript. See also “Irregular Conduct.”
                                                                        conduct may be entered on the candidate’s score
                              If in the opinion of the NBOME a candidate  report and transcript for that examination. See
                              leaves the test area because he or she is unable  also “Irregular Conduct.”
                              to complete an examination due to a significant
                                                                        However, if the candidate leaves the assigned
                              illness, the NBOME may in its sole discretion void
                                                                        testing area because of a serious illness or other
                              and not report the examination, and, upon written
                                                                        unforeseeable emergency, the candidate may,
                              request of the candidate within 10 calendar days
                                                                        within 10 calendar days following the
                              of the date of the examination, with appropriate
                                                                        examination, submit to the NBOME a written
                              documentation as may be required by the
                                                                        request that he or she not be assigned a failing
                              NBOME, permit the candidate to schedule a new
                                                                        score, explaining in detail why the illness or
                              test date without payment of an additional fee.
                                                                        emergency caused the candidate to leave the
                              Regardless of the reason the candidate left the  testing area and providing adequate supporting
                              assigned test area, if the candidate is permitted  documentation, which the NBOME in its sole
                              to continue with the examination, he or she will  discretion may accept or reject.
                              not be granted any additional time to complete
                              the examination.

                              If any COMLEX-USA cognitive examination does
                              not launch or malfunctions, including but not
                              limited to test form not assigned, or missing test
                              items or portions of test items (including visuals,
                              graphics and/or text) during the administration of
                              the examination, such that the completeness,
                              integrity or security of the examination is
                              compromised for any candidate, the examination
                              of the candidate(s) adversely affected may be
                              voided by the NBOME and any answers to the
                              extent completed would not be scored.


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