Page 20 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
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                              COMLEX-USA ALL LEVELS
                              COMLEX-USA LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2-CE AND LEVEL 3  COMLEX-USA LEVEL 2-PE

             NO OUTSIDE       During the full test session, a candidate will not be permitted access to any information or data not
             INFORMATION      provided to the candidate by the NBOME or Prometric at the test center and may not communicate in
             OR ACCESS TO     any manner with anyone outside the test center. Candidates are required to place all personal property,
             PERSONAL         including watches, in the secure lockers provided at the test center. Candidates are permitted to
                              access their personal property during the lunch break between sessions, but not during scheduled or
                              unscheduled breaks. No locker access is granted until the conclusion of the exam at the Level 2-PE
                              National Centers for Clinical Skills Testing (NCCST).  Any candidate found with prohibited materials at
                              any time during the test may be considered to have committed or contributed to irregular conduct
                              regardless of the intent of the candidate. In such cases the candidate may be removed from the testing
                              area, and a notation of irregular conduct may be made on the score report. See also “Irregular Conduct.”

             FOOD AND DRINK   Candidates are not permitted to bring food or  Each candidate will be provided with a boxed
                              drink into the testing area. Food and drink must  lunch at the first of two scheduled examination
                              be stored in the assigned locker that candidates  breaks; candidates may bring their own food (not
                              can access during the 10-minute optional breaks  requiring reheating) and beverages for use during
                              and the 40-minute lunch break. If a candidate has  the breaks if desired. If a candidate has strict
                              a medical need that requires food or drink during  dietary needs, it is recommended that he or she
                              the testing period, he or she must submit the  bring his or her own food for the examination day.
                              request in writing to the NBOME in advance for

             MUST BE          A candidate may not have in the testing area assigned to the candidate any family member, assistant,
             UNACCOMPANIED    or other person for any reason except as specifically approved by the NBOME as a test

             SPECIAL          Unauthorized possession of personal items in the secure testing area is prohibited. A candidate
             ASSISTANCE       requiring the use of personal items for medical reasons during testing must contact the NBOME at
                              least four weeks before his or her test date. Even though a candidate may not be a person with
                              disability in accordance with the provisions of the ADA, the NBOME may provide limited special
                              assistance if sufficient notification is provided to the NBOME. See also “Test Accommodation
                              Requests.” The test center professional staff may permit or provide special assistance in accordance
                              with the business parameters established between the test center provider and the NBOME; however,
                              under no circumstance may the test center professional staff permit any additional time to take the
                              examination or modify the examination or testing conditions in any way that would alter the standards
                              for measurement of the knowledge or skill being tested by the examination. Examples of other special
                              assistance that may be permitted include but are not limited to the use of ear plugs, dietary needs,
                              taking of medication, breast pumps, or checking blood glucose during the exam.


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