Page 2 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 2


                       NOTICE TO CANDIDATES

                    Every individual who intends to purchase or take a COMLEX-USA examination
                    must first carefully read the most recently published COMLEX-USA Bulletin of
                    Information (BOI) and immediately advise NBOME of any question or concern

                    he  or  she  may  have  regarding  the  examination,  the  conduct  required  of
                    candidates, or his or her legal obligations to NBOME.

                    As a condition of providing any COMLEX-USA examination to an individual who
                    intends to purchase or take the examination (candidate), the candidate must
                    establish or have established a current account with NBOME and accept or
                    agree  to  the  Terms  and  Conditions  required  of  candidates  who  desire  to

                    purchase or take a COMLEX-USA examination. By establishing an account with
                    NBOME, the candidate agrees that he or she is and shall be legally bound by all
                    the terms, conditions, procedures, and obligations of a candidate as set forth in
                    the most recently published BOI online at The candidate also
                    is and shall be legally bound by all the Terms and Conditions which he or she
                    specifically accepted or agreed to when the candidate established an account
                    with NBOME or purchased any COMLEX-USA examination.

                    NBOME may in its sole discretion, at any time and from time-to-time, without

                    the consent of any candidate, amend the terms, conditions, procedures, and/or
                    obligations of candidates set forth in the BOI, by publishing the amendment on
                    the NBOME website,; provided any amendment shall not alter
                    the candidate’s obligations relating to any COMLEX-USA examination taken by
                    the candidate prior to publication of the amendment on NBOME’s website.
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