Page 16 - 2017-2018 COMLEX-USA Bulletin of Information
P. 16


                    A completed application with full supporting documentation is generally evaluated and a
                    decision rendered by the NBOME within 45 days of its receipt by the NBOME.

                    If the candidate does not provide complete information and supporting documentation within
                    30 days of receipt by the candidate of any notification that the application is incomplete, the
                    NBOME will close the candidate’s request and notify the candidate that the case has been
                    closed. The candidate may subsequently submit a new application for test accommodations.

                    scheduling: If an accommodation or other courtesy is approved by the NBOME for a
                    candidate for a COMLEX-USA examination, the candidate must contact Client Services (see
                    above) to schedule and arrange for administration of that examination. Any pending
                    scheduled examination date for an accommodated examination that was not scheduled after
                    consultation with the NBOME may not be available or appropriate. Nonetheless, pending
                    NBOME’s consideration of a request for accommodation(s), a candidate may schedule a
                    standard (non-accommodated) examination. However, if an accommodation or courtesy is
                    later approved by the NBOME, and the candidate has not taken the examination, the
                    candidate may need to reschedule depending on the nature of the approved
                    accommodation(s) or courtesy. See “Candidate Rescheduled, Canceled, or Missed
                    Scheduled Examinations.”

                    If the candidate chooses to schedule and takes a standard (non-accommodated) examination
                    while his or her request for accommodation and any accommodated examination is pending,
                    the NBOME will score and report the candidate’s score of the standard (non-accommodated)
                    examination as if the candidate had withdrawn his or her request for an accommodation for
                    that examination.

                    reconsideration: If an application for accommodation is not approved as requested, and the
                    candidate thereafter obtains new and compelling additional objective information and/or
                    documentation supporting his or her request that addresses NBOME’s concerns, the
                    candidate may request the NBOME to reconsider its decision. Any request for reconsideration
                    must be in writing and submitted to the NBOME at 8765 W. Higgins Road, Suite 200,
                    Chicago, IL 60631 or by email ( Requests for reconsideration are
                    generally evaluated and a decision reported by the NBOME within 45 days of NBOME’s
                    receipt of the request.

                    CandidaTe resChedULed, CanCeLed or missed sChedULed eXaminaTions
                    The process and fees associated with candidates that reschedule, cancel, or miss scheduled
                    examinations differ by the examination type and lead time.


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